Loving is when our nature reaches its virtue


And thus, to the extent that the loss of the so-called "material" occurs, the gain of the ability of the soul and even of the "spiritual" is insinuated, as if it were already there, the consciousness of humanity, divided between matter and non-matter, between spirit and matter... A concept that may seem finished. But it’s not like that.

The insolvency of that apparent duality can be seen just when one of the two seems to fade or to diminish.

The seed of the tree is tiny. Its darkness on earth is unseen. Its symbiosis with the water is unnoticeable. And when it sprouts... -oh- it's incipient, and it seems to have no special meaning. When it grows... and becomes a tree, it seems to be something other than the seed that was planted. But when the new seeds are gestated from the tree, one might wonder:

"Were there ever two? Or was there simply a transformed course?".


The Praying Sense calls us to unify ourselves; it calls us, from adversity not only dual, to discover ourselves as one single entity: life.

A Mystery... A Creator Mystery, singular -"singular"-... that does not claim, since its origin from the Creator Mystery... places it outside of human knowledge. 

Our knowledge, although it seeks the depth of the aspect, remains superficial, it is still virtual, since our cognitive capacity does not have the resources to situate itself in that universality.

Our cognitive capacity does not, but our sensitive sensors, sensitive senses do, that become feelings, emotions, loves.

When one is in contact with experience, with the experience of love, neither plurality -"neither plurality"- nor duality are present. Another dimension is seen. Because the capacity of consciousness becomes an all-encompassing whirlpool, but nothing explains it. It doesn't need it!...

When our level of love... is staged, absolutized and referred in the Creator Mystery, by being like this -by being like this- and by recognizing at least our origin of that Eternal Love, we will be at least in the vibration that, just by loving, is when our nature reaches its virtue...

And he is capable of harvesting the grain, of tilling the soil, of crafting the wood... and finding in all of this the breath of love; and consequently, dissolving what is gained, what is lost, the material, the immaterial...

Yes. Certainly, at times it could look like a fairy tale. At times. But right at this time of Call of Prayer, it's not a tale. It's what it really is. It's what we really are. And it is when we truly exercise as such: when we love.

So if we were to take even that already hackneyed phrase that "this is done with a lot of love", and if it were true, we would be without the consciousness of loss, we would be without the greed of gain, we would be without the fear of loss... or the alarm of being dispossessed.

Now that we are confined as matter, in matter and because of matter, the Praying Sense claims and claims and claims us... the call to that Loving Love that Creation establishes with its creatures.

And won't all this current living be a universal ploy -above those who feel they are the protagonists- so that the being makes a conversion of its duality or plurality, in an absolute fusion in the consciousness of love?

They said -or the saying goes- that "God writes crookedly in straight lines". This is what you can call "the height of conspiracy".

Living progressively evolves towards "knowledge" -in quotes- of our functions, our capabilities, our possibilities, our achievements, our technology, our science.

There, in that sense, it seems not to have -any sense- the immaterial, the adorned, the figurative.

He doesn't realize, the one who digs into what he calls "material", the one who describes how are his processes, the one who adds, subtracts and multiplies and doesn't get his figures right..., doesn't realize that all this, from the point of view of the concrete, is virtual. It has been a perception guided by possession, which has been generated by humanity to feel ownership, to feel arrogant. And one sneeze of his knowledge, of his own knowledge, is enough to make everything go haywire... and the wailing, the demands, the despair come out.

It was a virtual security, right? It was so virtual, that an untimely, uncalculated, unexpected sneeze paralyzes materiality and brings to the surface animosity, soul; it brings to the surface imagination, fantasy, lucubration.

It can be an excellent time to take off towards LOVING.

It can also be a tragic time for the desperation of violence, of destruction. 

And there seems to be that duality again. But it's fictional again. That feeling of despair, of violence, is nothing more nor less than a breath of the soul, which, when it is de-structured in its conquests, takes the form of anguish, fear, tears...

Upon realizing this, the being must awaken to that consciousness of Love, as the true evidence: the one that gives the letter of nature to living, to human living.

The exercise of Piety, towards oneself first, and of Piety towards the human environment, is perhaps one of the first manifestations that brings us closer to the sensitivity of loving. 

It seems that Piety is loss, it is despondency, it is... inferiority. It has been shown to us as something linked to death, sin, failure... 

And it is the first step to feeling loved and to perceiving oneself as loving.

Because Piety is not forgiveness; it is caress.

Because Piety is not fear...; it is understanding.

Because Piety is not loss...; it is tenderness.

Because Piety is not... crying; it is smile.

Because Piety is not death; it is life of eternity.

Because Piety is not vanity, it is not pride, it is not egotism or idolatry.

Because Piety is to condescend... without losing sensitivity, increasing in picking up that warmth to gestate life, that permanent Help... Piety.

What is... what is, if not, what all the environment has, all our nature, all the Universe, towards the being of humanity? What does it have? What does it do? What does it exercise?: Mercy! Otherwise, we would never have breathed.

And when we feel pious...

Which is feeling neither demanding nor servitude. It is rather to feel in humility, in submission before Creation. It is, rather, a hallelujah before our presence, before our evidence of feeling, of approaching, of speaking to us, of seeing us...

And in feeling that we are for Piety -"and in feeling that we are for piety"- and in taking piety on ourselves under the nature in which Piety has been described, what, whom should we fear? From what or from whom should we flee?


And in giving us the opportunity to give ourselves, with the sensitivity of knowing ourselves as moments of Piety, expression of an Eternal Love... certainly, in some moments of this giving of self, of this "giving of self", the nature of this giving of self becomes a lover. 

And with it, Piety.

And with it, dissolution of dualities... and integration of unity.

It should be noted that in the exercise of this first step towards Piety, since the environment is -mostly and usually- winner, 'getter', 'and achiever’... it is easy for abuse to appear. Thus: "abuse".

When we allow our piety to be abused, when we allow it and we are not rigorous, we are victim of consumption; we become gratifications of the moment, easy prey for those who seek to win, reconquer, achieve...

Is not Providence rigorous... in its infinite generosity?

To allow the abuse of our piety, of our first step to the giver, to allow it is to "lose oneself". It is to give the option to others, to the other, of laughter, of offense, of taking advantage.

Respect for Love, in the first steps with the Piety, must be pure!, demanding, impeccable, luminous, surprising, and exciting.

It does not fear, but does not allow deterioration.

May the Piety not serve and be a vehicle of pleasure for those who demand it!... 

Watch out!

Have Mercy!





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