The desperate desire to possess


It could be said that any situation with a possessive attitude is aberrant.

And this expression would correspond -if we are sincere- to a multitude of daily events, not only personal but also of group, regional, national, international...

The possessive sense of "having" obviously implies dominating, ruling... We have many words. And all this constitutes a BRAKE. A brake on expression, will, intention; because... more than "the ghost", "the evidence" of the possessive desire is there haunting.

And Power -in general- wants to own all the resources. And the Government -in general- feels that it owns all the citizens. And the State feels that it is the guarantor and holder of the heritage of the command. And the man at the window has the possibility of ruining a request -to give just one example of every day-.

Either Mr. "of", Mrs. "of"... or Mrs. "of" Mr. Q, possess each other so much that they are chained and emotionally ruined.

Voilà! But it happens that this is so common, so vulgar, that it is -as one would say- "our daily bread". 

Yes, today’s prayer is shameless!, stark!, almost impious!

.-An impious prayer?

.-Yes, almost.

The truth is that the Prayer Sense can allow itself the language that it wants; and clearly unmask the tortures that the species, throughout time, is doing, trying to place itself in positions of privilege and possession.

Already, early on: "my children". As well as in logical response: "my parents". 

They could put them in a beauty pageant. It would be interesting -together with ladies in swimsuits-.

But, of course, on a daily basis: "Don't you touch so-and-so's son or so-and-so's daughter! "Touch" in the sense of making a comment on something that is not in accordance with the principles or criteria of his father, his possessive father, the one who wants the best for his children! In short, what he wants is for him to be as clumsy as he is. Because it's not true -no, no, no, no, let's not get confused- it's not true that, in that possessive spirit, the father does not care if the son is a botanical engineer or a lady of the camellias. No! He does care. He has plans for him... and for her. He has plans for her. Especially since they're the most... clumsy or...? Let's leave it at "clumsy".

They -the parents- have a "tremendous" affective, economic, and protective ancestry... Hence the success of family slavery. Let us not forget that family comes from slaves.

And... "Oh! How am I going to do this!... Oh! How am I going to do that!"...

The fact is that, even if she does -in this case, the daughter- she will do so with the pain of the father and mother and the brothers and sisters, who did not agree that she should dedicate herself to civil astronautics -for example-.

Because, yes, then apparent rebelliousness appear -"apparent rebelliousness"- that are "against of", but it is not true! It's not real. It's not true! Because true rebellion is the one that frees itself and gets rid of the constant threat of the possessive, and does not feel -does not feel- pain for the pain with which the other threatens.

.-Oh! If you leave, what will become of me?

And then, yes, you can leave, but you go away saying: "Oyyy! What will become of her! Poor little woman, she will suffer. Yes, but I'm leaving. But, oh!... what will happen to her?”.

Terrible! It seems as if this desperate desire to possess, which leads -as we have said- to control, to manipulation, to persecution, seems to be... or could it be that all this development -which I insist on it so that it can be learned if possible- is so common, so common!, that…it is common! And then, it is not seen as something to be polished, to be improved, to be removed, to be diluted, to… -porca miseria!- to say: “Enough!”.

But!... -oh, the "but"!- to get to that position you have to wash yourself many times.

.- To wash yourself?

Yes, yes. To wash, to wash yourself many times. Not only your hands. It is good to wash your hands... and other parts of your body. To "wash" in the sense of taking away so much profit and accumulated possession. And that is hard. Oh, yes!, it is difficult..:

.- And what is this so...? 

.- Nooo! Poor man! No. 

.- And this? 

.- Noooo! This is from... No. And this neither, because... 

So... I'll keep it all!

The Prayer Sense refers to this human attitude of hundreds of years, thousands years. Perhaps a habit that began when the being began to move from its place of origin, and he interpreted that in order to move to another place it was necessary to possess it, and so it undertook it... and began to possess land, plants, stones, trees and everything that was within its reach. Just in case... just in case he lacked something. In case one day he needed something. Just the day he needed the stones he had no strength, he was tired, and he was robbed. He! It happens. But that's what revenge is for, and it can be fixed.

The Prayer Sense reminds us...

And we are not aware about it. No! Because man is so rush and busy with his possessive belonging to "here and now" that... how will he notice that Creation does not squeeze him, that Creation does not feel and express itself as possessing its creatures? How will he notice that? If the sun rises every day, if it gets dark, if it is hot and cold, if it rains, if there is a harvest... if you have everything! That's not like possessing. Nor, it is true -because it is typical of possessors-, nor does it keep an account, and it says:

.- Hey, you, Adrian! Persivola! –it’s her-... I come to call you to account for everything that was given to you since... pfff! And now, what? What do you give back to me? What virtue have you cultivated? What service have you given? What have you contributed to your environment? 

.-Well, you see, I've had some problems with...

.-Don't go any further... Your replacement will come soon.

That would be a good heavenly answer, right?: "Your replacement will soon come. Prepare your nightgown for the hospital and then try to have the grave ready. Another being will have to be created to do what you did not do and what he is charged with”.

That could be an answer, right?

Yes, it could be. But... without excluding it, because Creation is unpredictable. Uff! When you want to follow it, in its Providence, it shakes you off in such a way... They say: 

.- That way, that way, that way it goes!... 

And suddenly you get there: 

.- No, it's not here.

.- But... but I have seen it here!

.- Uff! That was ages ago.

.- What do you mean by "ages"? I saw it a moment ago.

.- No way! It's a hologram of it. It makes holograms.

Hehehe. What a stupid wisdom! And it is wisdom, eh? Homo Sapiens has been around for three hundred thousand years, and yes, of course, he has learned something. He has learned... He has learned, yes, yes. He is capable of destroying anything with a word, for example. He has a power of extermination, devastating. Oh!, yes.

That's why the devil had to be invented, of course! There had to be some malevolent entity that inspired so many resources, right?

But it seems to be a thing of the past. No, no, no! It's not a thing of the past. Existence and the awareness of evil and good are there, wandering around. 

But... attention, please! Please! Please!...

If we start from a Creator Mystery, do you think there is any room for a destructive mystery? No. Abandon that belief! Because it is obvious. And rather, when the screw nut is broken, crooked or has no notch to screw on, think that it is rather the personal attitude that insists on problematizing, dramatizing, horrifying... Pfff!...

How ugly!...

Yes. If we see it from the outside -right?-... we see its like this, the species and: 

.- Such an ugly species! So ugly! Look, look, look: there, garbage cans full of hungry people fighting over a bag or spaghetti... How ugly! And look at that rich man, how he 'prides himself' in front of a yacht, in front of a stupid photographer who takes his picture and lives off his life. How ugly! How ugly. Look, look at those two, fighting all day long. How ugly! Look at those others... what will they offer when their cycle culminates?

.- Culminate?

As an old legend used to say: 

.- There is a lot of crying around here, isn't there?

.- Yes, yes, one cries... And what about over there?

.- Well, look -as the old legend says- over there, there is more crying.

.- More?

.- Yes, but with the aggravating circumstance that you don't know when it will end. Here, on the other hand, you cry, and there comes a time when it ends.

Of course, those who talk about the experience of the tunnel of light and such do not realize that the light sometimes dazzles you. Then, of course, when it dazzles you -according to some apocryphal translations- you do not see. You don't see, you don't see, you don't see, you don't see. And when you do not see, you stumble over the clouds, the wind, the angels, the archangels, the seraphim, the cherubs, the thrones, the powers –wow!, you are a stumbling block- and with all the others who walk around, blind.

.- But have you also seen the light?

.- Watch out your head!

And crying and crying!... Such weeping, really! 

It's not difficult to imagine something like that, right? Well, there are still the traditional symbols of [1]Pedro Botero's boilers, which were fire cauldrons where they burned forever. But you see?, yes: there was always the Eternal, wasn't there? And you were burning eternally. But here you get burnt and you put on cold cream, and more or less it goes away. But not over there. You burn yourself and you keep burning, and you say:

.- Hey, it's going to end sometime, isn't it?

.- No. This is forever.

.- Forever? And I'm going to be suffering and burning?

.- Yes, of course.

But then you have the relief of purgatory, which doesn't burn, but in between purges, wow!... Castor oil purges are daily, daily, daily, daily. And there comes a time when... you get irritated. Yes, you hope that it lasts for a while and then you get to heaven. And then, in heaven, well... as the joke goes: "For four little old ladies out there, what are we going to do? Let's put on the TV and the radio, right?”.

Yes, those phenomenal schemes are still there, swarming around. And then you ask someone, and they say: "No, no. I don't believe in that nonsense”. It's funny: people deny what they feel it could be, and become apparently bigger in consciousness: "No, I... I don't believe that. I don't... I don't have that problem".

"Tell me what you don't have, and I'll tell you what you want" –hehe-.

Then, caught, touched -touché- and sunk.

Yes, the Sense of Prayer today is mocking, tremendously direct and radically -without being radical- blunt.

Has anyone seen or knows that Creation has punished… -punished, yes, in the sense of possessing, squeezing and destroying- anyone?

Obviously, there are people and groups and humanities and ethnicities -and whatever- who have attributed, of course, that their God -or whoever- guides them, punishes them, penalises them, rewards them and all those things. Yes, it still exists.

How ugly, to put God as punisher, as judge of peace and judge of war!... 

But, yes: here each one seems to defend his own plot. And he does so with the resources he thinks are most convincing. No... it is not clever -and it is a message of prayer-. One does not know how to distinguish between CARING and POSSESSING. And then, in the possession of the child, the husband, the partner, the friend..., in the influential possession, he interprets it, and says so, and does not recognise that he exercises absolute or relatively important possession, but that it is "a form of caring".

.- I am taking care of him.

.- Ah! And what about that chain around his neck?

.- It's so that... Look, let's see: it's so that he doesn't suffer any cervical sprain.

.- Ahhh! Of course! The chain prevents... Yes. And the chain of... the foot shackle?

.- Man! You'll notice that none of them are sprained. None of them are sprained!

.- It is true, it is true: "shackles against sprains". Very good. And what about the handcuffs on the wrists?

.- Well, look: he's still in training, so he's not very good with his hands. No. He's rather “clumsy”. And so, that's how it is. It's like that and... what do you want me to say? Little by little...

.- But little by little there will be some...

.- Yes, yes. Little by little we are... -how shall we say?- we are... Yes! For example, on Corpus Christi, on Corpus Christi day, we released a shackle from left leg. And you don't know how much they appreciate it! Oh, they appreciate it...! But look: after that day, they ask for it.

.- Do they ask for it?

.- Yes, because they know that all this is to take care of them. And when you don't tie them up, you don't control them, you don't possess them, they feel like orphans!... or they feel you do not care for them.


And time goes by, and time goes by, and it seems that no message is heard that, in any way, modifies, corrects, improves... oh!, so much pain. Because, yes: he doesn't realise it –he is not aware; it's just incredible!- he doesn't realise that possessive possession, the possessive attitude, produces pain to oneself and to others. 

In other words, the possessor, in his eagerness to possess, when he sees the prey escaping he feels pain. And the prey... as well. Even if it escapes, it feels the pain that it has produced by escaping. Because if it had not escaped, the father would not be in pain and would be happy with his daughter, happily married, organized... and with her little children and chicks, in a beautiful place to be happy, as... partridges are. Especially those that are not hunted; because partridges that are hunted are not very happy; they are full of pellets, of lead.

Of course, the Universe contemplates when this occurs. And the Universe says –for example, it says-: “You see how ugly! How boring! And they will repeat the same thing again! So boring! So ugly! … ”.

 “Yes. Just as my father and mother did, so I will repeat…”.

 How ugly! Is the sun that your father or mother had the same as the one you have? No! It seems to be the same but it’s not the same. It doesn’t shine in the same way. It is different.

Was the task you brought with you, with your resources and remedies, was at the service of your father, your mother, your friends, or was it at the service of Creation?

And when... -you see- when you feel yourself a servant of a Creation, the pains felt by others for having lost possession, don't hurt you.

.- They don't hurt you?

.- No.

.- What about the suffering my father has because I don't do what he wants?

.- Well, let him suffer, poor little man! How ugly, such a blackmail!

Oh! THE BLACKMAIL It's true: "the blackmail"! How have we not mentioned it before?... -ah!, praying distractions!-. Blackmail is that formula, that formula... I don't know how to define it, but it is that formula so, so, so used, of possession, that, surreptitiously...:

"Since I don't agree with you, I don't talk to you or tell you... or blackmail you and I become cold and distant". -It's blackmail!-.

"As I know you appreciate me or love me, it will hurt you. And let's see if my pain -because of my distancing- makes you pity me and correct your attitude; or, in any case, if you continue with your attitude, may my pain be with you".

That's heavy, isn't it? That's heavy! You can't hear that, No! That's what prayer reveals now. You can't hear it, but that's how it works. Wow!...

And it crosses borders. It doesn't matter if you are in Kuala Lumpur or South Africa or... in Denmark. It doesn't matter! There are no borders.

And so the human inhabitants -with few exceptions- wander about with their own sorrows, other’s sorrows, their own blackmail, and blackmail of others. 

They truly drag their souls along. Yes; they are cold bodies that bind their soul with a rough rope, and walk around dragging it while the soul cries. But it does not have enough sense of the Universe, the skeleton that it drags, to incorporate its soul. That is why he is dragging it.

No, it is not exactly an idyllic image. No. But it is good to remember it, especially when the victim of the blackmail is permanently being blackmailed, and feels it, and senses it.

"Yes. I do what I believe, what I want, but with the subsequent pain of others... that I know they do not like it. But it gets to me. If I were really linked to Creation, that "other" would not reach me; that other's pain would not reach me, no. I would pick up my dragged-out soul... and dress myself in it”.

Yes, because, usually, the being strips itself off its soul. It doesn't lose it, it drags it along.

It would be... it would be -expresses the Prayer Sense- an attitude of a gesture, that the being would prepare to evaluate, to rethink its position.

Because it is also curious: the one who is blackmailed and possessed, transmits that sensation and exercises it over others. And so on. And so, children, in their most tender childhood, have THEIR toys, they have THEIR... They are THEIR. And those “theirs”, those little his, hers and theirs... do their corresponding blackmailing.

But, of course, they are children! But, of course, there is always a justification to maintaining vulgarity, possession, blackmail... 



[1] The name “Pedro Botero” is a way to call the devil and, consequently, his boilers would be hell.





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