Each rhythm, each cycle, each fraction that is expressed as instants –see a day, a weekend, a week, a month, a year-... fictional, it is true, but... on a reference level, they give us the sequences of a trajectory.

That is why sapiens, throughout its history of time, marks moments that lead to this or that happening... and it was from that moment that this or that happened.

The Prayer Sense, from its Mystery, folds itself to our smallness... and incites us to a fraction of instants. And this is how we find ourselves at the beginning of a week about which there are plans... projects...: "promises".

Yes; perhaps it is a call that is often left unfulfilled or half-finished... –as the saying goes: "we promised each other we would be happy"- but do we really keep our promises? 

Of course, doing our part doesn't mean that X events will happen, but without a doubt, if we don't do our part, they probably won't happen.

Promises are those foretaste of consciousness: we anticipate that we are going to...; we put on the table...; we anticipate... our dedications, our illusions, fantasies and doings before they actually happen. Although –we must also bear this in mind- to the extent that we make promises ourselves, it has already happened in some way, it is happening.

This is very significant when it comes to exercising what we promised to ourselves: knowing that the soil is already prepared, it has already been ploughed, the soil has already been refreshed, the soil is already eager for our seeds... Thanks to the PROMISE.

But you have to complete it with sowing.

Perhaps, if we recall promises, we will find large uncommitted gaps. Surely. Also, of course, we will find moments of fulfilled action, which gave their signs, or sometimes not, but our participation was evident.

It is time –the Prayer Sense tells us- to anticipate our action, our presence; to plough and prepare the ground through promises. To some extent we have seen it, we have imagined it. We have valued ourselves and have... sometimes "exaggerated" our vision of promise, and other times... "minimized" it.

And the greatest "risk"... –risk in inverted commas, but one that generates mistrust, of self-confidence- the greatest risk is counting only on our strength.

You will see. The promise is like that inspiration of Mystery that pushes us to... to make an exception, to do what we feel is right; that it is going to take an effort, a dedication. Consequently, if the appearance of the promise is on the part of the Mystery, it is a language, a part... –very small, yes!- of what is going to happen next, but it facilitates, with that promise, our participation, and makes it possible that, because of our attitude, the claim of the other parts works, and they come and join in and... the experience is rewarding.

Thus, in the exercise of that promise –counting on our resources yes-, if we include that idea of "Mystery Inspiration", we will count, we will feel the chance, the luck... that will accompany us. In other words, the appearance of our promises is fostered by the Creator Mystery. And to the extent that we take it into account, we realize that our contribution is not enough.

And this makes us present ourselves or present our promises, with the Mysterious Inspiration, with the contribution of the Prayer Call. This will give our attitude!... a DIFFERENT! characteristic, that if we only propose our being and doing on the basis of our resources.

Whatever the results may be, under the guarantee of the one who inspired the promise..., we will feel fulfilled and learn from what happened, whether we like it or not; we will learn from what was lacking, from what was left over, from what was just.

The fulfilment of promises increases the strength of consciousness...; it generates tenderness and capability...; it promotes care... And thus places us on the plane of "the always possible".

We know, in the face of any promise that they inspire us, of the participation of other attitudes... that will not be –surely- on the plane of our tuning with the Mystery. We must not force, nor impose, nor manipulate any participation. Honesty, in every promise, must be guaranteed by our ethics. Only in this way will we understand the evident and constant participation of the Creator Mystery.

Feeling "committed to what is promised", with the permanent help of Creation, is opening oneself up to the tune of "the necessary ones". It is connecting with the unknown... and following the trail of light.

It is easy and frequent for discouragement to appear, when some part or all of what was promised is postponed, fractured... Faith in the Providence of that inspiration received should revive us, reanimate us.

Falling while walking is part of the journey, and we must include our stumbling blocks as steps. In this way, we will always be able to get up; we will not be prostrated.

May the inspired promises of this rhythm that is beginning be in permanent attention to the help they receive and the chance that passes.

It is Praying by doing, by being, by witnessing.





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