The being must remain attentive and alert in his stay here


Perhaps by passing through here, through this place in the Universe, and not being specifically "from here", humanity, the being of humanity, must remain with all its attention on its stay in this transit.

In relation to their ‘doings': attention to their doings. Because to the extent that you are not attentive and in alert of your positions, these "doings", these realizations, weaken quickly, get tired very quickly.

Perhaps species volatility... perhaps its airs and graces of greatness and achievement... and also, perhaps, its decadent and precipitate indolence when it does not acquire, achieve, manage or establish control and dominance, when that does not happen, it lets itself be carried away by... "others" and assumes roles that do not correspond to him.

Perhaps, perhaps the human species belongs to a species in transit; that, for it to be fruitful, it must remain attentive and alert during its stay. And thus fulfil its presence.

And in that "perhaps" -which leaves us with "perhaps yes" or "perhaps no"-... to reinforce this sequence that the Prayerful Call offers us, it may be enough to review -to re-pass- in tasks, projects, ideas, positions... that throughout the journey of each one have had to be abandoned, left behind... and those that receive attention and alert remain.

In doing so, it is easy to discover that with a minimum of negligence, projects, intentions, and actions... are left behind, or remain.

If we take on board this prayerful recommendation, we will be in a position to recover some proposals, we will be able to polish up some stays, clarify some attitudes... and, in general, realize whether we are in what we are with interest of the stay; with enough attention and alertness. Because to the extent that this does not happen, our lack of participation will affect our environment in such a way that it will hinder the work of others.

And although it is not so important, the duty to be consistent with what one feels, thinks and does... must happen, because in this way it is possible for sincerity to emerge, and with it, clarity of the beings, mutual trust and solidarity participation appear.

Otherwise, sectors, trends, prejudices, denials appear…; in short, distortions in our doing and distorting attitudes that harm the environment.

The Prayerful Sense warns us of our fragility... and leads us to be consistent with the position that corresponds to us. And everyone has one, two or three... The number doesn't matter: a position. As long as one fulfils it with attention and alertness, it will remain. And not only it will remain, but it will continue, it will be renewed... and it will be a reference for other activities, circumstances, futures... etc.

To the extent that the being fulfils its position, it becomes a reference for others. Thus we can take reference and, consequently, being aware of the bond, of the communion of life.

And after different circumstances and days, motivated by customs, norms, laws... we turns, in theory -in theory- to the previous thing to this interim. To consider this is a mistake. Yes; because... we are not the same.

That is the importance of feeling that we are passing through: knowing that every day we are different, because the LOVING DAWN gives us new characteristics, new influences. That is why, when we return -theoretically, but not in reality- to the theoretical routine –that it does not exist, if we know how to dawn to love- we must be alert and pay attention to what our being our community, our coexistence, our project demands... asks us.

Every time a being embarks -and he is always embarked- but every time he embarks in conscience on a project, as we heard at the beginning, he has to pay attention and alert to his doing, continuously, in order to navigate...

Yes, to be able to navigate without error; with clear guidance, with the right rudder.

This leads us -in our attention, in our alert- to proposals, to promises of new coordinates within that "sailing", of that navigator's log that one has, where one is going.

And one goes towards full consciousness. And one goes towards contemplative integration. And one goes towards conscious immortality. And it goes towards liberation from attachments. And it goes towards permanent discovery. And it goes towards Love-consciousness. And it goes towards fusion with the Eternal. So yes, we do know where we are going.

And this must be borne in mind. And one goes towards all those characteristics and infinite more. And one goes... when attention and alertness are conscious, in exercise.

That is not something new, no. That is what has allowed species to travel through this part of the Universe: it has paid attention to its environment, it has discovered, it has been alerted to the pros and cons... and thus it has remained and evolved, generating resources and means to do its projects.

But also, in this evolution, it has been loaded with arrogance, pride, vanity, and has enslaved and enslaves itself... with its environment and with what it has achieved.

It is therefore necessary to renew oneself in that attention, since virulence of comfort, virulence of "security" -in quotes-, virulence of property... is alive. And it tends to stick to us, crust over us and to impede our navigation.

Now, if we know how to take guard with due attention and alertness, we will build up daily an amplified, new vision... that will give us the liberating consciousness and the impeccable daily doing.

When the stay becomes crusted, passing through becomes almost impossible.

Eagerness for security and attachment appear predominantly. 

Fear whispers lies to keep one's mind at rest...

And to that extent there is no renewal. Expectations are far away. They are no longer a "today" project.

And so it is easy to see the prevailing deterioration, to which -curiously- most people are gradually becoming accustomed: they are adapting to living in the dump.

And it is easy to fall into looking for waste... and almost forget about raw materials: those that at some point made us to dream fantasize...

And many of these dreams and fantasies were simple propaganda of the environment, to manipulate us. And others that were not, that dawned suddenly and unexpectedly were quickly abolished by the established, the ordered, by the vulgar and the daily exercised.

Yes, "Perseverance -attentive and alert- brings good fortune".

But if it is not taken care of, if it is neglected, if it is altered by... justifications and justifications and more justifications... with them, being in the rubbish is justified, trying to find some vestige.

Positions of recognition, learning, change... enable us to encourage this attention and alertness. They keep us away from radicalism, from impositions, from misunderstandings!... and they open up spaces for admiration, for solidarity, for sharing. Without comparisons!

Letting us be shaped by evidence, assuming sincerity, promoting the development of others, and ourselves without attacks, without demands!, with help, care and dedication!..., all this is part of a revolution of the spirit.

In a revolution of our Faith towards the Creator Mystery. 

In a Revolution towards our heartbeat of Love.

In a new conditioning around our community, our solidarity among beings.

And in an adaptation of our sensitive spiritual breath, to adaptations that occur in each case, with the clear objective -whatever the position- that this subtle energy leads us to elevate and amplify our capacity of love, our capacity of dedication. To make our senses transcendent feelings... that does not remain in the possessive; that encourage the vaporous.

Creation overflows with piety... on life.

To know how to gather it... is to enlarge our being... and to place it in a brilliant, dignified, beautiful, artistic journey.





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