The Prayer Sense claims our unitary identity


And each beginning, according to each culture, custom or civilisation, involves proposals, promises, strategies, expectations... based on what has happened, on how events have happened, based on the quality of life that has been followed, the commitment of each person and so on. But there are proposals and intentions to amplify, change and incorporate. Without losing meaning, or path.

The Prayerful Sense shows us evidence that is the characteristic that humanity is facing at this time. A characteristic full of fear, insecurity, indecision, restlessness, despair, anguish and anxiety: in that frequency, in that wave of neurosis –or perhaps something else- with depressive overtones. Just to make a diagnosis.

In that situation, in that magma we are all in. Although, some people show it more than others... –due to their characteristics, their situation-. And all of them wonder, when a new cycle appears, a new beginning, how to repair that situation.

If the diagnosis is correct, that state of neurosis requires anxiolytics, sedatives, and muscle relaxants... And if they appear depressive, they would require antidepressants, in a more or less wide range. And in addition to pharmacological treatment, a group or individual psychotherapy or analytical and psychoanalytical therapy would be needed to see what elements, what behaviours, what experiences have led us to live in this way, to be in these circumstances. Without going into whether they are better or worse, but that they have created a worrying state of humanity.

The Prayer Call invites us to participate in enough changes so the patient –humanity- improves. It is an appeal to all of us, regardless of how affected we are.

Obviously, everyone can look for his or her own solution. But... it would be insufficient. Yes, because I would end up isolated. And humanity is an inevitable social entity. Because life –living- is not fractured, and when it does, it is deplorable.

So it is a task for all of us. When we say "all", we mean that each being assumes his resources for his improvement, but he is not –in any way- excluded from giving, from participating in the framework that started the situation, to intercede and improve it.

On many occasions, the Prayerful Sense reminds us of the simultaneity of particular, private and environmental actions: they cannot be separated. We are not [1]"Juanes Palomos" who stew and eat our own food, but we share, collaborate and agree.

The so-called "civilised" human community undoubtedly controls, manages and has a lifestyle that makes it increasingly 'expandable' to all human communities in this part of the Universe. As time went by, empires have increasingly extended their frontiers, and today empires are "without limits". They are no longer confined to one place. They already occupy places, and are disputed by the most powerful people or... they come to an agreement.

We are in times of communication resources: incredible capacity networks! This might seem to be a plot with the capacity to improve and amplify our communications. And certainly, if we are fine-tuned, neat and honest, these networks are probably useful. But it goes without saying that in the era of communication skills, non-communication, or fake communication, is becoming more and more prevalent.

The levels of participation become increasingly difficult, and the levels of justification are becoming broader.

Spontaneous help participation, collaboration, spontaneous decision... is increasingly difficult. The being, given its symptoms and diagnosis, closes itself in, and gives a wrong aspect of its true situation. And in its neurotic depressive obsession, it disconnects, and connects to another level of appearances. The reference is made in itself.

Under the Praying Sense, it is imperative that the being takes reference in the Mystery. In the Mystery, the Creator Mystery, which becomes essential. Not now. It is... and we are, a permanent and living heritage of It, of the Eternal. But now that the being moves further away, moves apart... it is more, more important to maintain, to keep on the creative evidences that make possible the daily miracle of life. And this is not a line it is evidence! In no case could anyone claim and say that one is still alive by its own means. Nothing is our property, but we do have the duty to take care of it: to take care of what is under our capacities, our duties.

And without losing that reference, at operator level, at participant the level, at the level of solidarity element that aspires to improve its condition, that has renewed, new expectations... it is essential, within any of the proposals, to clearly include sincerityClearly!

The custom of the white lies, of the constant justification, of what I have done and you have not done, of permanent confrontation of totally contradictory versions entails... that is one of the "items" that does not become operative, for any planning, if it is not resolved.

The right to lie has become an element of manoeuvre, an element of... unimaginable audacity.

And the most worrying thing, in that insincere attitude –the Prayerful Sense warns us- is that, incredibly, as the saying goes: "You catch a liar before you catch a lame person". Yes. Incredibly, one tells a lie to another person, and another one to another one, with confidence and credibility that no one is going to know. Incredible! And whoever finds out, has no choice but to wear a poker face and play the fool or the idiot... so not to jump up and show it.

And that is a detail that should be taken into account before camouflaging sincerity. Bear in mind that, perhaps –as Mafalda said-:"when she asks how many are two plus two, I get the feeling that the teacher does know it". So, before camouflaging sincerity and turning it into a white, semi-white lie, etc., think that perhaps the person listening to you will notice it.

As long as there is no deception, it is possible to realize the dimension of this depressive neurosis. To the extent that we hide it, camouflage it, "pretend" it according to our own interests, the dimension of the situation vanishes... and we lose perspective! And consequently we amplify the problem even more.

As sincere intention becomes conscious, communication changes. Yes, already the concealment, version A, B, C, D... is not useful to us.

As a community with characteristics dedicated to personal development, with clear healing intentions, we have –as a School- to learn, to teach... and to do so from a sincere, shared, communicative point of view.

And as a characteristic of this proposal, encouragement, humour and collaboration are essential.

Communities that contribute to themselves and contribute to the species as a whole, must be clean, clear, respectful of each other... and with projections of novelties, of revisions. And all this is under the reference of the Creative Mystery. As the saying goes: "Ora et labora". Yes. The praying referential priority is the resource that impels! us… to be clear. Not getting revenge! Not pointing out our dislikes, but to take into account our likes. And if the likes become sacred, so much the better!

The being of humanity, by its intrinsic implication –by living- of being in tune and in communion with everything around it, is established in communities. And as the word itself says: "common-union". A union that puts in common a project, a process, a service... which serves you, and it serves "to".

Individualistic feeling, in a restrictive sense, greatly damages common feeling.

And once again, this inability of the being to unite its identity with its inevitable and essential communion for its life becomes evident. For its living.

If individual comes into conflict with the community is... deterioration. It cannot conflict! If it conflicts it is because there is no communication, because there is no clarity, because there is no commitment. Because there is imposition, because there is obligation...

There must be no opposition between the individual and collective. The collective is made on the basis of individual contribution, with its social facet. And in this way, one nurtures the other. It is very simple to understand it, but it is extremely difficult to feel it! And that is the position the species is in!, and so harms itself, becomes violent, it invents versions, accusing and disputing each other...

The Praying Sense claims us our identity from us; our unitary identity, that apparently has two factors but it is only one, it has been fractured on the basis of the lie, so that we can use each other. And that is what leads us to this state of illness.

We have to retrace our steps, identify the origins and correct the fractures. Only in this way will we be able to see a horizon with expectations and bright prospects.

With the hope placed, permanent, with the confidence constantly exposed, and with the attitude permanently available, we will be in a position to... not only improve, but to enter into resolution; to enter into the unitary sense of being.

And so, abandon the out-dated, old and corrupt, and enter the new, renewed, dawning and bright. 

Have Mercy!


[1] “Juan Palomo: I stew it and I eat it” is a Spanish saying that makes reference to a situation where a person works without any help in order to achieve something, and later, also alone, he enjoys his achievements without sharing them with others.




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