The disproportionate exercise of power that the species establishes in this place of universe, with incredible imbalances in production, in organization, in the relationship of the species with itself and with the environment, causes –for starters– to search for solutions to different conflicts, threats, fears… terrors… Solutions are sought –we insist- with the same means that have created that devastating disproportion of resource exploitation and use of means.

To that extent, the resolution is not given to the inconveniences that arise, but the new problems are incorporated into the "new –quotation marks- style of living." And apparently, the problems are solved.

The approach is very simple: disproportion of power effects, creation of disturbances of living, solution with the resources that were initially used, apparent resolution, and incorporation of new defects in the style of living, considered these, already, as normal.

The Prayer Sense warns us about this approach that, in the exercise of our daily work, of our sharing, of our living together, of our relationship with the environments, it usually generates conflicts, discomforts, disagreements, and fights. When time comes to solving them, the style and means with which the problem has been created are used, whereby the solution is apparent, and the incorporation of that problem into the daily habitat is the norm, the normal.

Consequently, before the –to begin with very little- before the inconveniences of living, not resorting to the means and resources that have made them possible, but rather to seek and generate new attitudes, which will basically affect our honesty, our humility, our testimony, our priorities, our solidarity.

And it also happens, in despair, that in the face of difficulties... –difficulties of some importance, not only discomfort-, the human proceeding already sees that, with the resources that generated the problem, with them we cannot solve it. And then, given the difficulty, in the face of –already- the drama, we claim the Miracle, the intervening force of good, the invisible healing powers... We can mention countless resources that... were not exercised, lived, or felt, at all... But despair in the face of arrogance that does not work, the resource –once again- is miraculous...

And this attitude is neither good nor bad. The situation is that one resorts to it under the criteria of receiving solutions, arrangements, and composures, without any implication of a clear change in our attitude, in our disposition...

In other words: in each Prayer Call we are suggested, we are shown options and attitudes that allow us a substantial change in our disposition, under the awareness that this change is supported, supported and maintained by the Creator Mystery. And that is how neither discomfort, nor gravity, or despair will appear, and the being will be able to maintain a rigorous, but agile and adaptive balance.

Look at how we are living today an event that, under a point of view could be a flu process, a result of climate change –for example. But it has become a worldwide alarm. Which makes us think, to begin with, that the rebellion of the viruses has been declared, and these, tired of being handled, manipulated, controlled, burned, etc., they decided to take revenge.

What measures are taken...? The usual ones: scare, scare…; generate enough fear to let yourself be controlled, and to pile up the possible affected ones, isolate them as if they were stinky.

Of course, about the cause that generates that… epidemic?, it is not acted upon, but on the consequences, so the results are mediocre.

Faced this spectacular and amazing movement, investigations arise and visions arise that are not intended to be different from the official ones, but rather as… And today, when already the worldwide alarm has been declared, it is known –by chance it seems- that Wuhan, the place where this process began, has the most important biological experimental laboratory in the world –one of them- managing viruses, bacteria, modifications... In short: bacteriological warfare.

Of course, it is not difficult, "conspiratorially," thinking that a virus has escaped... "and now I don't know what to do with it."

But well, let’s consider, that it is not... Yes, it is there the special centre, but... that has nothing to do with what is happening...


It is also curious that in a regime such as the Chinese –hermetic, dictatorial, oppressive, elusive, quiet-... suddenly the bells were set ringing, and they ask for international help, and they talk about deaths, infected, quarantines... as if it happened in New York. Suspicious, right? But, of course, we have already said that it is something of conspiracy. “The –so-called- experiments of population”, are not new, but they are increasingly shocking, like this one we are living.

But... although –worldwide- we can say: “Ok! No... This is an exaggeration!”… Yes! Yes. But you already have it in your consciousness. It is there... if not fear, the restless feeling that something is wrong.

The world alarm becomes a personal alarm; and in that personal alarm the subject decomposes, becomes deranged, disoriented. He doesn't know where to go.

Confident in his resources of humanity, that have achieved this and that and the other achievement..., but the being has not achieved –by the starting point, of arrogance, dominance, importance, power-, he has not been able, to modify those parameters. And, sincerity, humility, peace, calmness, joy, coexistence –we do not continue-... remain as "curiosities".

And while previously, humanity itself, through the great powers, frightened us with climate change, this has passed to second place –or to fifth!-. Now the concern is about coronavirus: a living entity that habitually lives among us, with and within us, without any problem. Until it is declared a "problem”.

The style of living and being in communities where this alarm arises is favourable, due to speculation, hyper work, hyper occupation, hyper... Everything “hyper”. In addition to the systematic cultivation of unhealthy attitudes, unacceptable environmental conditions and much more.

All this makes the being... turn to the Creative Mercy again. But not looking at it as a sudden conversion of our being, but as an unfortunate, pitiful and demanding demand. To the point that, ultimately, the last responsible is that Creation.

If, by chance, there were any favourable results –and there will be- it will not change the style and attitude of humanity. It won’t.

Notice the sequence:

The clamour for climate change... Global concern... Global priority... Ellipses... Wait for a while... Ah! Davos meeting. Oh! Analysis of capitalistic styles: capitalism needs a revision! –starting from capitalism, of course-. The disproportion we have is not fair –and that is what capitalism itself says–! What it doesn’t say is that they don't think it's fair they don't earn even more than what they do. And then an apparent self-criticism is done, to ultimately blame the producers for not producing enough. Skilful manoeuvre.

First, concern about productivity and pollution.

Second, concern about personal social imbalance.

And third, in case anyone had any hope: fear... for life! Fear of disease.

So everything is covered. Only one atomic bomb is missing, right? This would already complete the picture. A major nuclear escape or a button-off, and...

On this “suicidal” –let's say momentarily- trip of humanity –but the majority not the minority of humanity, because it is the one that directs all these processes-, if we look at life and contemplate our attitude with it, towards it, and for it, we must undoubtedly vary the parameters in which it moves, we move, we act... and to establish our “full” confidence in that Providence, in that Creator Mystery. Engage that prayerful, meditative, contemplative tuning, so it has a daily efficiency… and gives us new creations; they are offered daily!, but they are not seen, they are not used, they are not spent, they are not discovered, they are not accepted.

Therefore, the daily living prayer is the resource that will guide us towards attitudes that, without a doubt, will lower us from the pedestal of arrogant, dominant, powerful, victorious, triumphant humanity..., to place us, to start with, before the prayerful, meditative and contemplative, as... as beings of tiny importance. But, obviously, of significant incidence on all life processes.

From our insignificance, we act and influence all events. Insignificantly. But... the sum of insignificances becomes significant.

It's... it's hard to find... the exact words that reach the consciousness.

It is... urgently needed –see: "now!"– to respond ourselves on a frequency other than the one marked by customs, laws, norms, impositions, threats, fears, lies...

We are immersed in a Creator Universe, overflowing. Our consciousness of life must be in permanent gratitude and, consequently, in an attitude of… humility and submission to signs and orientations; that unusual occurrence, life, occurs as a result of what we primitively understand as LOVE, and that we hardly develop ourselves in it.

By listening, contemplating and meditating, the praying verb, we place ourselves in the Creative perspective. And, with it, in a creativity... complaisant, devoted, determined, full!



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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