Probably, one of the plots-dramas: "plots-dramas", that is, something that is plotted and ends up being dramatic –to say "ends" is that it culminates dramatically-, of the human species, is that probably, as heirs of the perfection of the Creator Mystery, each being is profiled as... "the perfect one".

Yes: he who has no error, he who is always right, he who permanently criticizes others, he who does not find virtue in others.

That’s something you see continuously. And it is enormously conflictive.

Yes, because, as it is a repetition in each being, of the same attitude, the conflict is served.

On the other hand, each one tries –in generic, of course- to show in his group, in his mini-group, in his corpuscle, in his country –it depends on the proportion we want to show-, he tries to show that without him nothing would be possible, without him nothing would work, without him nothing...; not even tadpoles would swim.

Of course, in the face of that, the court –that is, the social circle of those leaders- swirls, retracts, laughs or rebels or adapts, but... none of those solutions is a solution.

The permanent complaint of any situation, the continuous protest of different positions, the agreement or disagreement with this or the other... all that, undoubtedly, in addition to delaying the communitarian activity, besides preventing the evolution, besides embittering the coexistence, besides disabling one’s own capacities and other’s capacities, because the amount of energy wasted on being always right is brutal... as that sounds: brutal.

Of course, for the preponderant being it's obvious that he's always right. "Right? Ahhh!" And he does his best, of course, to prove it to others and to prevail.

And this is repeated and repeated, and repeated and repeated throughout the history of generations, of... 

It is repeated.

The Prayer Sense "rings" –like the bells- to warn, in the renewing panic of the preponderant, of the powerful rulers at a greater or lesser level, that it is ok that they are aware of the origin of their perfection, but do not impose it.

By imposing a modality, by imposing an attitude... any communion wares out.

It's not wise promoting yourself as... true.

The Prayer Sense refers to "leadership", to assume that position if the environment requires it, if the environment demands it, if the environment recognizes it, without the environment losing its capacity.

And any leadership that is proclaimed in the only reference does not proceed as "authentic". He's a big, little dictator of power.

Oh! It is a life of permanent bitterness.

The Prayer Sense knocks again and again on the impregnable doors of the true ones, of those who claim their criteria as unique and true. It knocks again and again to rehabilitate them from their arrogance; to remind them that, since the world exists, the world is the one that says what it is, through the Mystery, and it expresses and manifests itself according to unpredictable channels.

The Creator Mystery calls over and over again to warn that "the world" –that word that means nothing, but that is understood: "the world"- is not made specifically for you, for you, for you. No! It is made for the taste of Creation. And creative tastes are inscrutable.

And it's good that they are, because it allows us, inferior creatures in reference to Creation, to enjoy the surprise, the discovery, the learning, not to demonize what I don't understand, not to condemn what... I don't agree with.

With what cruel frivolity one punishes, condemns, and criticizes! It is not the gentleness with which the Universe treats us. It's not... it's not the beauty of the progressive dawn. It is not the light at dusk, seeking its space. Nor is it the feathers that sway, in their fall, the courtship of the air. No. They are not attitudes or postures that soften, like balm... –oh!-..., the caresses of admiration.

Gently, convinced, but not defeated... by the evidence of her gifts, light enters into our lives, opens our eyelids, activates our functions, greens the leaf, and makes the flower evident and gives us the fruit. It doesn’t need to argue with the night. No it does not. It doesn't criticize it. It doesn't insult it. Nor does it think it's the most important. It's what it is.

And each being is really what it is, is what it is, but it has to be similar to that convincing light, to that softness of the oil that slips between our fingers, and to the caress of the skin.

Given the evolution of human activity, it is always a good time to say: "Now more than ever. Now more than ever!"... It is always a good time to say it. Because it is as if the Creator voice were to say: "Now, now!"... as if warning us, every time we become obfuscated, every time we convulse, every time we rebel against ourselves and everything else..., "now is the time to soften, now is the time to understand, now is the time to mitigate the complaint, now is the time for kindness".

And so, based on "now" and "now" and "now", we accomplish with the "hours" and make a perfect day.

That is the Prayer proposal. 

.- A perfect day? What does a perfect day look like? 

.- “Now”. Now and now and every hour, it claims its perfection.

And now, more than ever, it is a categorical imperative that claims us. 

.- And why "now more than ever"? X time ago the same thing was said. 

.- Yes. And it is still said! Because it seems that the time has not yet come. That time which is "now", of immediacy; which is "now", of time, to... evaluate the signs of perfection. "Now more than ever." The "never" was left behind, also saying like an echo: Now, more than ever!

And it seems, it seems, it seems to repeat until, in an instant –"now", "on time"- that perfect magic occurs. That council of smiles and agreements that does not... that has no resentment, that has no ardour of mind, that lacks criticism, of my point, of... bah!

Any... any waking moment, in vigil, is transcendent, is vital! It's "more than ever." It is "now", with no possibility of going back... –even if you take that back with you. But the passing through calls us to that model of perfection that is not demanding, that is not imperative, that is not citric, that is not complaining, that is not combat, that is not preponderance, that is not exigency.

But it is sincerity, it is softness, it is adaptation, it is understanding, it is admiration, it is harmony, it is idealism, it is belief, it is solvency, it is project and joy of knowing how to be, knowing how to see oneself as a balm, knowing how to notice oneself as a help, knowing how to accept being helped, and knowing… how to give oneself as a helper.

"Now, more than ever!" –repeats the Sense of Prayer- "now more than ever", because of the situation we are living in: that becomes, so to speak, unique and new as an experience to renew ourselves, to remake ourselves, to reinvent ourselves, to recycle ourselves; to assume the committed and libertarian feelings of love, with renewed expectations.

Letting go of the burden, letting go of the prejudice... is like saying that the suffering was worth it, the confinement was worth it, the pain was worth it, the worry was worth it. Because, thanks to that... shock, thanks to that unexpected situation, the paper, the sheet, the sentence, the word of each being was brought to light. And they called us to fulfil it, because we were qualified for it. 

In order for everyone to be able to read the book of life, being each word in its place, without complaining or demanding or criticizing the other one that is on the previous page or on the next page, assuming it is an adjective, noun, verb, preposition... 

Any event is creative and perfect... It doesn’t envy.

Now, more than ever!, there is a wake-up call to intransigence. There is a wake-up call to understanding. There is a wake-up call to contemplating the event in a complaisant manner. Not in a dismissive, competitive and arrogant way!

Now… more than ever, it's time, it's “now”... 

“Later”, it's late.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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