Educated, as humanity, in the conscience of our powers to hunt, to cultivate, to add, to subtract, to hit, to run, to flee -abilities that give us our configuration and our place in the living-..., thus educated, any task that progressively and gradually develops in humanity... becomes the heritage of the capacity of each one.

Centuries and centuries of conditionings and preparations are erasing sunrises, sunsets, rain, shoots, fruits... It seems that... -it seems- that the whole environment has been created by us. It seems that any event is predictable, calculable, controllable...

And when it's not like that, the answer is: "Well, you have to get used to it and... It's part of life!"

From the perspective of the Prayer Sense, this "empowerment" -a word that is more and more frequent and powerful- of each being, of each group, is codified and focused on Power! The only one capable of changing, putting on, taking off, fixing... And it depends on each being.

The situation of this dimension becomes usual and... unless there is some "knock, knock", some call for attention -in this case the Prayer Call-, it is easy to fill up every doing, every responsibility, every testimony... in the capacity, in the resources, in the means and in the educated and erudite moments that one has.

In this context, the result that is usually seen is a confrontation of powerful forces. Powers that are distributed according to social class –class, yes-: medium, low, miserable, poor, medium-rich, bourgeois, bourgeois-rich, -uuuf-...

And it doesn’t go any further. It's true that contributions of... 'discoveries’, applications and other environmental games, it seems that we are in a privileged position as a species. It "seems". But this "seeming" is collapsing -as we are now living- because of... we don't really know what, but let's say that it is: because of an innocent virus that, surely, in its mind it had not the plan, it didn't have the plan; because it is also considered something that... that doesn't work if it doesn't have any accomplices. 

Oh! Ah!... 

Aaahh! Are we the accomplices, who want to evict the species and reduce it, handcuff it, control it, dominate it...? It's possible! A good scapegoat is sought who will obey, say nothing... and we manipulate its incidents. Why not?

The truth is that on a general level, and with the daily statistical stress, so much power!, so much power!..., and the fright destroys fear and turns it into panic, and locks it in its den.

So much power! But wasn't the power brave?, wasn't it... brazen and superior?

But no, let's not forget that, power was like that -or is like that- but it has its "poor thing!" strategies, and its camouflages; and it is capable of that: of establishing strategies of incapacities and impossibilities, to achieve strange -or simple- reductions and controls of the same species.

And in all this choking feast, if we resort -they call us to Pray and we go; well-... if we resort to the Prayer Call, it warns us, first, that it is good for everyone to feel powerful and... the son of daddy, mommy... country... and representative of the people of his land. It is good. It's okay. It's okay. We have to start somewhere, right? And after, that he feels proud of his education, of his knowledge, of his capacity, of his... uff! But all that resides in a 'veeeeery' small place of the Universe. Ah, yes! In a place that man has not fabricated; that he has not designed. No. It's been put there for him to be.


.-.Ah! The same, the same one or the same ones who put up shreds of stars or the... -uff!- overwhelming galaxies or... who knows!

Yes, but... for the man sure of the dominance of his environment, out of there, nothing seems to matter. He's not... he's not aware that his safe environment has not been secured by him, but they have secured it for him. But, well, this is a Universalist metaphysical deduction that probably has little impact on the everyday.

Now, without disdaining it -it is there-... without disdaining it, it happens that, on a daily basis, the person worries, gets anxious, depressed, happy... at times -but no, it is not the most frequent of feelings-, and when he has to exercise himself in being related, in committing himself, in assuming a prominent position -because that’s the case-, when that happens, the person, usually, either takes pride and exercises himself as the dictator who knows everything, or he gets scared... and withdraws and distrusts, and folds into himself as if he were a sock off his foot.

Sometimes it gets confused with a handkerchief... 


Both in the first case, of imposing capacity, and in the case of desperate fear and the desire to flee, it could be taken into account that, both at one end or at the other, if we incorporate these creator, creative, inspired resources, if we incorporate this intuition, this improvised sign, this letting go after having fulfilled what was advised or deduced...; that is to say, if we let in our superb arsenal of super powerful or super fearful, if we let in a little -a little, eh?- the Creator Mystery, the Surprise Trainer, the Discoverer of Emotions, the Prompter of Love, the... HE!... perhaps situations will change, and the recent powerful one will decide to listen to those he is going to command or direct, and the one assigned to participate will assume his role with dignity, with originality, with spontaneity, abandoning those slogans of: "I am not capable, I cannot, I do not know...", or the other one who says: "I’ll take whatever comes my way! Come on! Come on, I do everything! I'm heir to Superman's kryptonite. Come on, there's nothing resisting me!". Wow!

It seems, it seems that it is difficult to incorporate the Creative Mystery into our daily life. And it does seem to be incorporated in the ceremonies, in the rites, in the... 'bla', in the... 'bla'.

.- In the what?

.- Blah! Blah' is... "blah." Ha! A little "garbage", said in Chinese.

Yes, in those solemn events of trances, of ceremonies, of... of those things that are organized for later: "Aaaagghh!"... shout and throw the cap or to run away or to get drunk or... That is to say, those things that do not remain; that maybe in that moment they play their National Anthem, they put the hand on the heart, but after twenty seconds four tenths later, they say to you: "What? Let’s smoke a little joint?". And the person goes like a little lamb, and he smokes it. And he says:

.-Well, what about so much country, so much history, so much heart and so much...?

.-Well, you see! You see, you see... We were educated like that.

The "great -so-called- celebrations", and all that, well, that's fine. They even put on, dress and parade, and they all move -like cockroaches- in the same way. And they turn and greet, and kiss the rag of the homeland, and go on, and "Ooohhh!” And then they are able to go to war, and kill and be killed... And hey, you say: "Hey, what... such a thing, right?!".

That's as far as we go.

But it turns out that most, most of the time we're not in those ceremonies... "Ooohhh!"; but we're in: "Good morning", "Good afternoon", "Good evening", "How are you?", "How are you?", "How are you doing?"...

Yeah, we're on it. And it is in "it" where the Prayer Sense is at today. It is in "that", in "our daily bread": in the mini commitment, in the mini being, in the mini deciding, in the mini giving an opinion, in the mini sharing. There.

There's a great!!... great, great!!... Presenter. Yes. A Great, Great Presenter, who is the Creative Mystery.

Let's imagine -to get an idea- that every time we share a talk or a... around it there is -as in comics- a huge sandwiched -right?- of Mysterious Confabulation that offers us "its services".

.- How?

.- Yes, he offers us his services... to advise us, to encourage us, to enlighten us, to stimulate us. It just consists of accepting it.

Ah! Now, if we feel self-sufficient and self-capable, the sandwich -that is, what is so big, so great, that it is in connection with us- goes away like a balloon.

Maybe it's unfair to say, "it goes away". But it remains there, inert. Because our position is not yet capable of discovering that incredible everyday, daily atmosphere, of every step, of every word.

If we store a balloon for every action, we will have a universe at our disposal.

If we are called to Pray, it is because we have resources to give!, to show!, to teach, to take them.

But one is -each one- is so absorbed in their resources, their means, their little prisons of results, that... it is as if he did not fit in, as if he were very big! And he’s not. He is infinitely great, but he is infinitely kind, and he knows how to relieve, console, accompany, lighten...

And if every time we feel in anguish, in doubt... if every time that happens, for an instant we evoke that great resource that is there for us to pick it up, sometimes HE himself opens the tap. At other times, He doesn’t; He waits for us to wake up. Perhaps, He wakes us up. 

We know so little! Rather, we know nothing about it. But it is there!

It is curious: the human being, yes, is capable of recognizing that Prayer warning; he even knows it –or he says he knows it-, but why doesn't he practice it? Why does he decipher everything on his resource? Why doesn't he take the creative resources... and distils them through his being? Why does he become a victim or a protagonist of an event?

Without a doubt, perhaps due to all this evolution, it is up to us to play the role we were taught, the study we were forced to do, the exercise we were proposed. Yes, and I say "perhaps" because, perhaps, if things had developed differently we would not be in this situation. But we are. So we have to follow the script of what we, as a species, imposed on ourselves... and which we inherited.

.- Ah...

And then, in principle, there is nothing else to do but read, review, study, learn... But if we do all that -attention-… if we do all that counting on "Providence", counting on that immense wealth that is ready to be distilled towards us; if we do it counting on it, the resolutions, the events, will be very different.

But, be warned, when you say "different" or "very different" it doesn't mean that they will be to our liking! Ahhh, no, no! It may be that sometimes they will; but most of the time, it wont. Because we are sufficiently contaminated by ourselves that any contribution, however distilled, will not inevitably lead us to success, to triumph. No it won’t. Perhaps it will lead us to failure -from the human perspective, of course-.

And that is another factor why the being does not trust -oh, oh, how ugly!-... He does not trust The Creation, he does not trust the Creator Mystery, just in case it gives him some suggestion or something that does not make him... or makes him look not as smart as he would like.

It is curious, we have gone so far as to demand and ask "to our liking": "Give me lucidity in the face of the darkness of my reason!”. "Give me splendour before my performance!". "Give me the privilege of spontaneous, creative and healing art! But now, please, because tomorrow I need it." -Wow! -. "Don't you forget I'm a little weak on tap dancing. If you don't mind, give me a little bit of... ok?, so the spirit of Fred Astaire is embodied in me; and Judy Garland's, of course, she has a certain something”. Oh!...

This is how the being opens and asks. So, of course, in the face of that, the Creative Mystery becomes remiss, it becomes a little...; like "it's going to happen".

Of course, and before that, the person praying, seeing that his "requests from the listener" have not been heard by The Blessed One, well... they stop praying, they stop entrusting themselves. Because he has seen that there has been no result: he was clumsy speaking, and that day he was even more; he was quite ordinary dancing, and that day he fell.

.- Where?

.- He fell... in the place where he had to dance.

.- Aah!

.- And it was very ugly!

Yes, it looks ugly when you try to show your body ability, and you fall. How ugly!

Yes of course. Of course, the tenderness of the audience will applaud your quick rise and your “nothing has happened here” smile. But, of course it happened! What do you mean nothing happened?! Wow! The ground cries with passion! Nothing has happened...? Of course it happened!

But the world, life -those words- endure a lot. A lot, a lot. The scenarios are full of failures. Beware!, failures that were forged by the vanity of the interpreters.

On the other hand, if the setting is a place of inspiration, a place of welcoming where I can gather, then our behaviour is very different.

It may not turn out to our liking or to the taste of the viewer; but what is certain is that what comes out will be authentic, it will be valuable, it will fill the heart and caress the soul.

Hence, without underestimating our preparations -without underestimating them, but knowing at every moment of these premises- the clamour for Greatness is not forgotten; and when you go to choose an attitude, a decision, let the invocation be there present. So surely… for sure!, that the election and the execution will be what they should be.

The smallest detail that we can count on when exercising; the slightest attention to perceive when they are… leading us, inspiring us, suggesting us; the slightest moment of recognizing that we are not the ones who have opened the door or who have said or proposed; the fact -which surely has happened to everyone- of saying something or commenting on something or proposing something, and not recognizing oneself in that; create surprise in the environment, and not really know why this has happened...

But not only in everyday life, but in the internal monologue itself, without a voice: in those thoughts, in those feelings; there, in that interior that cooks in the dark; in that hermetic interior but, at the same time, recursive warehouse of creativities.

Have we not surprised ourselves -many times- thinking this or that, or feeling this or that? Do we think that this was a neurochemical reaction of our dopamine, serotonin or acetylcholine? Or simply, most of the time we do not pay attention to it; it seems like a… "Look what I have come up with".

"Look what I came up with". But it is not usually said: “Look what they have inspired me. Look at what has emerged without knowing how it has appeared”.

Could it be the footprint of Creation? Is it the permanent and daily internal call of those who sustain us, maintain us, entertain us, promote us, encourage us... life!?... Could it be?

That single question may be an option. 

Instead of saying, "It is!!", it is usually said: "Could it be that...?"

Faced with the decidedly rigorous nature of Creation, which becomes subjective in our realization, the being immediately imposes the doubt or the "but"... 

Assuming the Praying Call, we echo what emerges from the inside, from what happens by chance outside, and thus we are able to feel. That later we can transform it into thinking –if we want-, but “feel” that other language of Love of Eternities, which is pouring in abundance and which… seems to be sterile.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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