Praying Celebration


Welcome to the “celebration of the prayer”!

Barely breaks the day, and we are reminded about virtue.

Barely the sparrows fly around, anxious to fly, and to pray takes us to the profoundness of what we are, of what we have not yet arrived to be.

The celebration of being equivalent to the Creator; a Universe of insignificant proportions but… surprisingly it gives possibilities, with creativities of… calmness, of happiness, of bonanza.


“Celebration”, because it is a “party”… knowing that I am not in myself.

I am enveloped amongst vibrating positions, that I do not manage to reach,

that escapes… my comprehension,

And that this mystery makes me adore…

adore, life, with all of its dimensions.


The celebration, calls of me, my feelings… in the sense of identifying them, clearing them up, expressing them, living them…, with the intimacy that the Universe implies, and with the grandness with which the Universe gives itself.

 Yes; because amongst mysteries -amongst mysteries- is unwrapped the curiosity, the discovery, the astonishment, the restlessness!, the emotion…!


 The “praying celebration” transports us further than the light!

 Trapped by her -by the light-, we feel happily illuminated; but… with this, we stop to really see.


In the praying sense, further than the light!, we are not bodies that cling to velocities, to manifestations, rather we are, beings of “Mystery”… partially covered by the darkness; of which so many have told us, is “bad” and “gloomy”!, and it turns out that it is a generous giver of possibilities! Mystery.

They made us detest her, because our haughtiness could not deal with her!; because our vanity was not capable of representing its egotism.

Further than the light! Without… without combat nor audacity. Let her give us the impulse!

And once launched, like rockets that have achieved their mission, this light, becomes, evanescent and powdery.


It is there where begins the visions.

Those which are capable of being, without time. Those that do not need space.

Those that are not in a rush.


The vision of knowing to be were one ought to be!, and to serve with dignity, generosity; without punishments, without prejudices, without condemning; with hearing.

Because, further than the light!, is heard… and is known how to be in silence. And, with this, our soul clarifies. The sense of smell becomes perfect. Only the fragrances are perceived, with soft dignity, letting the eyelids bow towards the eyebrows… as a sign of beatitude. That belongs to our condition!, but that the custom of the mistake, the custom of… the error, and the perseverance in negating oneself to grow, and to stay in the sure eagerness of the light, of the luminous, of the blinding, takes us to conducts that are radical, dangerously righteous, where there is no space for the sobbing, nor for the kindness, nor for the greeting, nor for the comprehension.

But, by praying, all of this is remembered!, it is brought into the present!, it advises in the “now”.


It is not “later”. It is not “after”. It is not “much later”.

It is.


When the words become scarce,

and the song becomes necessary… to remove oneself from the alphabet;

to remove the corset of the alphabet;

of letter with letter… that “with blood enters”,

of full stops, commas…

new paragraph

full stops and commas…

With rulers and quadrants

that indicates… the just beating of the hearts!...

but that does not let, the soul of the wind,

with its “without-reason”,

become movements without… foundation.

What foundation can be brandished faced with the Divine Mystery?!


The hearts swing

faced with the thrilling senses…!

The systole and the diastole smile…

expanding and contracting themselves,

to devour the kisses of the passion…

of feeling oneself as a “whirlwind” of the Creation!


I am created and recreated continually, with passion!!,

gifted, maintained and supported in a Universe without… oppression!

With everything available to assume it…

and to ride over the cloud, or the wind!

without the need of whining, for the whipping because of panting!


Behind! Behind!, behind are left the determinations!,

the tiredness, the “I can’t”…

the stupefied dreams,

the explained reasons!...


the established orders!...

the just and the unjust!,

the correct and the incorrect!

Behind are left the deceiving dualities...

that are two shackles, on the hands and feet..

-there is even a shackle in the nose-...

that with the name of “intelligence”,

hoists the flag of knowledge.



There is no forward. There is no… ahead!

There is… to “continue”… without resistance,

without opposition, without combat!;

lightly transparent,

playfully beautiful.


Crystals of vapour-like water!...

Crystals of vapour-like water welcome us!


As if it was a ritual,

our body is smeared …

and becomes… transparent.


And “in praying”, the prisoner is avoided:

the preventive, the conditional,

the prosecuted, the convict.

Everything becomes converse!...

With verse, with kisses,

with rhyme or without rhyme.



the light pushes, translucent…

towards the… vibrant and comforting

fluctuations of the Mystery.


Magnificent silence!...

-imposing!, solemn!-…

when to “say” is… sacrilege;

when to “sound” is… rupture!


Magnificent and solemn silence!...

True composure…

Authentic ventilation… of the Creative presence.



as an interpreter of Divine waves

pray without motive… of fixing,

without motive of… solution.

Only… -only?- with the enamoured eagerness

of… feeling… feeling!... feeling!...




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