To feel endorsed and praised by the Creation


Being becomes thick... when its self-importance becomes dense.

When its prominence becomes its own... and it does not open to the environment.

When its personalism becomes absolute and... he deplores his surroundings.

He becomes dense and thick when he despises lightness because it is considered superficial; he prefers the thickness and density of damages, prejudices, fears, rages, discontent, obligations...

Yes; something that exists, but it is not the essence of the being as a presence in the Universe. It is something promoted by the being... at a time in its history, but it is not consubstantial with it. Hence the Praying Sense warns of the need to lighten our importance, our personalism. Let them be lightened, ceasing to be ours, our own. Let that mental ‘ownership’ open to the consciousness of the Universe and, if one sees a little bit the moonlight, a little bit, one will realize the futility of its possession, of its ownership...

Futility as regards it does not allow him to dream, fantasize, be pleased to please. "Be pleased to please." Judgment devours him, and thinks that judging and condemning will free himself from the ghosts of his egomania. Or he will subdue everything that happens. Error. Error that leads to horror and fear of terror of not being understood, accepted, assumed...

If –as we said in another moment of Prayer Call- "I am not of myself"; if I just assume that I live in the Universe...

And clarify very well, in saying it, that it is not the same as inhabiting the Earth; because immediately, when talking about the Earth as a living being, as Gaia, as such and as which... each one has his plot of land; each one claims its forest, its jungle, its desert...; each one feels "caretaker" of universes... and assumes preponderances...

On the other hand, when we present ourselves as inhabitants of the Universe, we dilute ourselves, and we can realize... –without understanding, most of the time- we can realize that –when we become aware that we live in the Universe-... we can realize that the main character, the protagonists are not us –voilà!-; that we are in an inconceivable immensity; that we are in an unfathomable eternity. And all of it without comprehending, without understanding...

And that is precisely why, because we are not assuming we don’t understand, we don’t comprehend, we don’t know and accept the ignorance as an inhabitant of the Universe..., that is what bothers us.

The current homo sapiens feels knowledgeable, understanding, and demands to know, understand, learn. He demands it. Demands it to himself and from others. He does not leave a drop to improvisation, creativity, chaos. He doesn’t! Everything has to be understood, tied, secured, dominated, controlled...

And the Prayer Call insists: with a small vestige of becoming aware that I am an inhabitant of the Universe, all those chains that wind up and enslave by their demand, by their dogmatism, by their radicalism, all those chains begin to weaken, they start to lose meaning. We begin to lighten up; we begin to do, to feel and think according to what we need. We begin to enjoy the joy of others. We stop demanding the treatment we think they should give us.

That personal importance that demands, that claims!, makes of him a continuous and threatening and unhinged –"continuous, threatening and unhinged"- being, who nothing pleases him; that constantly demands a world to its measure; that he interprets everything, in his egocentrism, as manoeuvres against him; that does not put up with humour; that does not assume the differences, the different ones; that looks for the same, similar or alike ones, to feel safe. And so, of course, any variable is a mess, it is nonsense. His world has been reduced to the urbanization of colleagues, friends and supporters.

 Not even the so-called world exists for him! Because it's perverse, it's bad!

He makes of his everyday life a murmur of rumours, comments, and insinuations... Nothing to do with the lightness! Nothing to do with libertarian! Nothing to do with innocent! Nothing to do with the expected!

The Praying Call wants us to grow our wings, it wants to file our nails; it pretends to give us a volatile... nature; it aims to make us subtle, admirable, respectable!...

 The Praying Call is trying, to increase our innocence, our capacities of amazement!: to let us surprise, to admire those who enjoy!, to admire those who smile happily!...

Rejoice in everything else that involves joy, balance, art, disposition, tenderness!... Getting rid of the envy of comparing oneself to what that one has or what I have. And adapt to inner goodness, innate! –"innate"- of each being.

And of course: to that extent, to become immune!... to criticism, to the advise, to the warning, "of", “of, of, of"...

Because yes, it does happen that, when the being is in an instant or moment of enjoyment, of calmness, of tranquillity, in today's world, that seems to be an offense!, and it could receive all kinds of insults and warnings, of course.

Question: "What do you prefer: a day of love, of eternity, or a life of permanent suffocation?".

And behold, indeed, the “of, of”… “let’s see if…”, “watch out for…”, that one, that being –man or woman-, who was complaisant, who was diligent, with so many “of”... warnings, it becomes withdrawn, it becomes hidden. He feels sinful because he is not up to criticism, of acid, of rage... He feels ignorant, of the bad guys! Of those who deny everything!, without having denied anything. But the "of, of, of...", if one is not alarmed and alerted, will end up with its breath; they will convert him and they will do it from the “of, of, of… warnings” clan, from the prevention clan, from the security clan!, from the clan of the future!, from the clan of “I already told you! ”.

.- I already told you, when you were twenty, that when you reached seventy you would have white hair.

.- Oh yeah! True, it is true! You already told me!... What clairvoyance!

And so are the warnings of those who say they love you. Of course, they love you... they want to possess you; they want to have you; they want to take you to the fold of the ordinance, of the prescriptive, of the ordered!...

Oh! But the Prayer Sense does not... it cannot consent –and hence the being must feel "prayer"- cannot consent –and hence he has to be alerted and alarmed– he cannot consent to his own evidence of what he lives, of what he feels, and refusing to do so because of the "of, of, of, of"... warns, advises, threatens!...

Threatens yes!

 Threatens to isolate you; threatens to stalk you; threatens with all possible damages that may happen to you.

Yes. But, behold, with the sound of bombs, while bombing twenty kilometres away, beings celebrate a birth or celebrate a marriage, or promise eternal love, or a chair or a table are made... While the bombs sound! As the shrapnel falls, it arrives! Meanwhile there is no room; meanwhile there is no water or electricity!, but there is candle and tales...

Yes; it would seem like a lie that that happened. But it happens! It is a dramatic way, true, to dispossess the being of the smallest securities and resources.

And in the face of that, the being does not succumb, does not fall over. It looks again for itself. It makes a hall in a ruin. It makes a tower... in a field.

But, certainly, it is not necessary to get to these situations, although it is not exempt from them.

And consequently, you have to know how to evaluate what is available. Because today you will eat, but the one who is in Lebanon, in a refugee camp, will not know, nor will he consider, whether he will eat or not. And today you will wash yourself because you have water, but he, in the field of Bangladesh, knows that he does not even consider... whether he can wash his feet or hands.

You know, being, that today you will dress and choose among your clothes. There, over there!, in the training camps of China, they don’t... there it wont be any occasion to choose. They will give you a dungarees of reconversion so you are a good communist and you hate Islam as a mental and spiritual deterioration.

Yes! And in your daily work, in which you work, in which you "share with"... alas!, evaluate it! Evaluate it! Because others, in India, called "miserable", "untouchables!”, they smile while washing clothes incessantly, beating it against the stones on the banks of the Ganges. They cannot choose to research, read, walk, go to the park... – to the park!- go for a walk, exercise, doing “cardio”.

No. Those won't have –those millions!-... won't have that opportunity. Even so!, they will look at you with eyes popping out of their heads; they will smile. They smile!

And it is not a matter of comparison! It is a matter of evaluating, of estimating ourselves, of valuing what Providence has given and placed us. That nobody earned the right to be born in a wealthy European family.

And that is how the being enslaves the dispossessed; control the wretched; abuse of the poor; he gets rich with their work. And so it is like that, that among them, the establishmentarian one establishes their reigns, their rules and customs, and anyone who wants to free themselves from that... oppression!, is persecuted, criticized. And this is how today's human being establishes its regal positions. This is how it appears on the newspaper’s front page!, that Queen Elizabeth of England calls to gather the whole family, to see what happens to those deviants who are doing strange things within her family. First page.

Or should we bow down, should we also worry because the prince... the heir, the heiress, has aroused Queen Elizabeth of England‘s fear? For example.

The fact is that the being, by looking at himself, begins his slavery with himself, giving himself the right to impose his criteria on the environment, and thus establish a struggle and a demand and continuous war.

Oh! There is not a day without a complaint... a regret... a pity...

Ha! If only it were one...

When a vestige of the Universe girdles on the being, one feels in that vibration. Appreciates its condition. It becomes exultant in its existence. Values its environment with excitement! It echoes itself... of other people's pains, but it knows inside that we are qualified beings, ‘capable’ and trainers, to eliminate that pain.

And knowing we are cared for by the Prayer, which claims!... our position of Universe, with the guarantee of Eternity!, with the support of Providence!, backed by the Eternal Lover!, with the support –with the guarantee- of the available! Everything.

Feeling endorsed and praised! –supported and praised- by Creation –and it is so, because, otherwise, we would not exist-; to feel the throbbing and the exciting and emotional moment!... of a loving smile, of a complaisant gaze, is it not enough incentive to go further, to lighten the burden of incongruity, to evaluate the qualities in which we are...?


And I saw in the distance... so close that I felt universe.

And I saw in the distance... –and I saw in the distance- so deep... that I felt far away.

And I saw in the distance... so over there!... that I was no longer here.

And I saw... and I saw... and I saw...




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