Past, present and future



The grey clouds hang over the bay. It seems as if they would like to delay the arrival of the sun. Everything seems to indicate that they have declared war on the light!... and they want to be the only colour!: grey.

The waters are not calm…

What will happen? Ahh!... They will “pass”.


This small tale is similar to the frequent attitudes of the being; that, like bold grey clouds, they challenge!... And they combat, what not one war needs.

And like this, each being, before it begins a dispute that not even should have been begun, they establish their positions: like the clouds in the bay. They feel strong, because they aren’t conscious… that still the semi-darkness of the night helps them.

Like this -in the same way-, the criteria’s and the reasons… are put in the cave and negate all type of light! They shut themselves away in their explications. They say that they have it clear. What a joke!

“Here, from the grotto of the ancestors, we communicate that we have it clear!”

How clear do you have it… if you have never seen the light? What do you understand for “clear”?


Like this, like this the consciousness’s go by, and like this they embolden, some against the others, like as if it was about the end of the world.

“Come in”…“Come in”.

It’s as if we were on the other side of a door, and someone calls, and we open. And as they come in… they disappear.

-has he entered.

-has he fallen?

-I don’t know.

-has he left?

-Also not. He’s not here. He has passed.


Every honest being –honest and decent- should take with them a door. So that when arrives at your door certain circumstances, the door opens and says: “come in!”... And once they are in, well… they disappear; mysteriously, of course.

It could be through an abyss, or through conjuring tricks or… though magic, but they “pass”.

-I’m very worried about… it overwhelms me and makes me very anxious.

-Have they called on your door?

I don’t know.

-If you are worried and anxious, and you’re very worried, it’s that they have called you at least three times: for the anguish, for the worry… open the door for them! If behind the door there is only you… when you open the door and they come in, they will have passed.

That’s it! They will have passed! And it will be the “past”. “The past is past”.

As the saying said: “water that has passed, doesn’t move the mill”. It’s certain that. It will do other things!: it will overflow, it will splash, it will serve as a water game, or for a swimming pool or… quietly it will submerge in the earth, or play with the first salty waters.

But it passed…


And at the same time as it passes, -at the same time-, the future… becomes present, like –ayy!- like an apparition.

This doesn’t call on the door. No! It becomes present.

“Hello. Here I am. Apparently, I am one Monday whatever, of one more… June. But you should know -as you well know- it doesn’t exist, nor has it ever existed, not Monday nor June. It is one more invention of your order and legislation; of your form to manage and manipulate. So let’s leave clear, that not Monday, nor June exists, nor have ever existed. Only your perturbed mind has existed, that wanted to dominate all… of what happened and occurs, to slow down its craziness, that it didn’t know how to support.

-What a liberation! Not Really?



And like this you present yourself, “Future”, without advising?

I never advise. I always surprise. Sometimes you intuit me, but… clumsily! You don’t realise the dimensions and the proportions of my intentions; and my projects!

I’m the future! The only thing that has always existed! Your present is too much tangled up in resolving things and being important. Your past, it costs a lot –it costs a lot-… to free yourselves from it. And because of that your vertebras bend.



I am what eternally… -ayyyy!- is always arriving

What is, eternally always arriving.

I don’t have –by the way- anything to do with time.

I am creation…

In my coordinates -that don’t exist- time has never been.

That is something that the ‘finalists’ and the ‘beginners’… established to tell their stories. By the way, badly mounted!


The sea… has known how to be in its basin; and it remains boisterous in its eternal awakening… with its constant journey and… changeable!

Without anything to feign but with everything to generate.

Maybe this could serve, -this reference-, to know how to “be”… meanwhile, we let it pass, and meanwhile, the future presents itself, that isn’t “time”; that is to “continue”…

Like the sea… always different! Suggestively. With its own mystery of what it reflects. “All of the stellar”.


Almost always that we remember or we celebrate something, we say very little about what is waiting; about what is… arriving.

And it is more the enjoyment of the achieved, the acquired… than the anxiousness of what is… “Arriving”; is for… “Doing”, -and in which we are included-.


The praying sense warns us that, by postponing the constant presence of what we call “future”, we increase this past, we anguish the present and, of this entire great lie, we make… a story that is apparently true.


The divine is an eternal future… of mediate presence, immediate, instantaneous and transcendental.

It creates and enjoys unendingly. And this is what really makes us continue; follow...

And from there, if we don’t divert towards the compartmented past, or the overwhelming present, we could live… the eloquent instants, with the authentic truth.


And let the memories be an eternal present… of future!

It is not one more anecdote. It is one more example, of unending examples!... that are arriving; and whose objective is not to arrive; it is to take us


Take us and let us be taken… so that, in consciousness, we feel; and feel… with so much feeling!, that no other motive is necessary. 



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